Marketplace Success Story: Oleg Ushenok

Oleg Ushenok is a 3D Freelance Artist from Ukraine who has curated an impressive offering of kitbash resources on his ArtStation Marketplace Store. For this Marketplace Success Story interview, we had the chance to ask Oleg where his interest in kitbashing started. Oleg also shared why he works to go above and beyond to ensure a positive customer experience.

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Finding an Audience

Around two years ago, Oleg decided to leave the game development company he was working for. With over a decade of 3D experience in architecture, 3D printing, cinematics, and game development, he was ready for a new challenge: creating and promoting his own digital content.

“I wanted to realize my plans and ideas for self-development, while at the same time doing what I love,” said Oleg. “I created and posted my first kitbash. Many people wrote me saying they wanted more because it assisted with their mechs, battle robots, and different mechanical creations.”

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Oleg soon realized that promoting and developing his brand would need his full attention. Using his newfound free time, he quickly made more kits, helping to grow his store and online popularity. Before long he had gathered an audience of regular clients who anticipated his new releases.

I realized I needed to make more effort to make my sets popular, because nowadays, many talented artists want to achieve the same goals I do.

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Staying Connected With Customers

The ArtStation Marketplace has become an important part of how Oleg connects to this audience. “Every new product of mine can be seen by thousands of people every day, especially when it is trending,” said Oleg. “The ArtStation Marketplace does a great job of promoting! All I have to do is create quality content and design it well.”

The Artstation Marketplace is the perfect platform for my content. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, it has a very convenient and fast design. Also, there are very convenient statistics and reports. For me, the Marketplace is number one!

Oleg also views the interactions that he has with his audience as a two-way relationship. “I like when people write to me saying that they expect new kits. This motivates me to find new ideas and gives me an incentive to move forward!”

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Tips for Success

Commitment to the customer experience is reflected in Oleg’s first piece of advice for prospective sellers: ensure that one is offering high-quality products. “The better you make a product, the more respect you show your customers. The probability that they will come back to you, tell their colleagues about you, and expect something new from you, is also higher,” Oleg told us.

Another piece of advice Oleg has to offer is to find one’s product niche. “Find what you are good at, and improve it. Occupy your niche, work in one direction. You shouldn’t fill your store with completely different content. Just choose one direction for yourself and try to be the best in it!”

While he encourages sellers to be excited, he also advises them to be patient when starting out. “Do not get upset if, at first, there is no desired return. The main thing is not to give up. Develop yourself and everything will work out!”

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What’s Next for Oleg

Oleg has plenty of ideas for his upcoming products. He plans to continue developing kitbashes of different styles, including sci-fi and mechanical kitbashes, along with futuristic firearms sets.

And for sure, I will create some kit or mechanical model and publish it completely free of charge for my customers. This is my annual ritual as a token of gratitude for the support and motivation!

Oleg’s hard work to create a positive customer experience reflects his appreciation for the freedom that comes with working independently. “Making money selling your own content is real freedom of creativity. I allocate my own time when I work and rest. I couldn’t have imagined before that I would have turned this into a full-fledged professional income.”

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