Marketplace Success Story: Satine Zillah

Even though Satine Zillah has been drawing and painting comics since a young age, she admits she had no idea she would one day make a living from it. When she was fourteen she wrote an email to comic art veteran Rodolfo Migliari asking him for feedback on her works. To her surprise, he replied and became a valuable mentor who helped her acquire her first book cover commission.

With time and experience, Satine started to dream of creating her own comic book. Today she is both in the process of making her own first comic book, Warrior, and continuing to grow her store on the ArtStation Marketplace.

“Different people approached me with concept art requests. It was fun but at the same time time-consuming and I was not able to work on my dream book. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve decided to try my luck with photo reference packs. I was making them all the time for myself so I thought, ‘why not offer them for sale?'”

What motivated you to first join the Marketplace as a seller?

COVID. Before, my main source of income was teaching at the art school Draw Planet in Prague. Because of government restrictions schools needed to be closed. I was not prepared for that. The only thing that saved me was just one pack I had uploaded called Amazon Warrior. I realized, “I need to add more!”

“I was not expecting that the Marketplace would become my main source of income and fun at the same time.”

a witch with hands raisedFind the Witch & Celt photo pack here > 

How would you describe your ArtStation Marketplace brand?

I am offering photo reference packs for artists. My store is full of different characters in various poses. You’ll find photos of men and women in historic costumes, in armour and without it. I like photo references with authenticity. For example, when I’m creating a reference pack with archers or swordsmen I hire people who are doing this for a living.

How do you choose what topics and subject matter to cover in your reference packs?

It depends. I love history, so that’s where my main focus is. But I’m an artist myself and I know what other artists may look for. Besides that, I am collaborating with the Burdyri Stage Combat group which provides me with all kinds of interesting costumes and models.

three face portraits of cyberpunk people

Find the Portraits photo pack here >

From your perspective, what are buyers looking for from a photo reference pack?

I think it’s diversity and quality in options. There is a market for it, and it’s big.

What upcoming Marketplace products can your followers look forward to?

Recently I’ve purchased a turntable and new lights so there will be packs with turnaround poses and a larger volume of photos. I’m also planning to shoot different cultural and historical contexts; Africa to China, Steppe nomads to pirates. Each week you can expect a new pack to be released.

Get the Knight vol. 2 photo pack here >

Any final advice for Marketplace sellers?

Be unique, find what is dear to your heart, and hope that there is a market for it. On ArtStation, there probably is!

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