Think Tank is Quietly Launching the Best CG Artists Anywhere

On Campus or Online, Think Tank will Guide You to the Top.

Andrea Savchenko created her Joan of Arc character in her Think Tank Online third term.

Are you a CG enthusiast looking to take the next step to working artist? Or, maybe you’re a newbie with no training at all but want to learn some skills to see what all the fuss is about? Think Tank Campus and Think Tank Online take students on a journey of discovery.

Think Tank and its staff are relentless in hunting down the best instructors, the best mentors, and the most inspired curriculum designers. They are the wizards of today passing on what they know to the top artists of tomorrow.

Think Tank is regularly ranked in the top two or three schools in the world year after year. The success of the Campus Program is mirrored by the equally challenging Online Program. With both delivering the same stunning results. Students can also engage in a mentorship with an industry professional that will push them past that always difficult last 10% of the way. That set’s them apart from the competition.

Think Tank Vancouver Campus

Think Tank Vancouver has been open since 2005. Vancouver is the number one VFX studio hub in the world, with big players like ILM, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Scanline, and Sony Image Works to name a few.  In addition, Game and Television studios like EA, The Coalition, Kabam, Relic, Rainmaker, Atomic, Bardel, Icon and Wildbrain also call Vancouver home. This makes industry professionals readily available to provide curriculum, teaching and mentoring  for Think Tank students.

The Campus has an almost one to one student to instructor ratio.  With more than forty instructors on site, for roughly 50 students, the instructor to student ratio is approaching one instructor for every student.

One on one mentoring from working industry professionals is a critical part of the learning process.

Robert McCall won 1st Place in The Rookie Awards – Game Development 2020

Think Tank Online

In 2017, Think Tank launched a whole new way to learn CG. Think Tank Online was launched with a custom platform designed to make distance learning every bit as fulfilling as being in the room with top instructors and mentors. With a 16 months ever evolving curriculum and worldwide industry leads, Think Tank Online has taken remote learning to the next level. The comprehensive learning experience and interaction with faculty and fellow students feels like a campus.

 “Our students are from everywhere and can be anyone. The one thing that unites them is their passion for amazing CG art and the desire to work in world leading studios. Students join us at different stages of their journey. I personally love the underdogs who modestly and quietly through hard work and focus achieve the impossible and wow everyone. They don’t just become the best in their class, they become the best in the world!” – Director of Think Tank Online, Adar Bronstein.

 Tomas Sackmann studied the Characters for Film career path in Think Tank Online.

 Morgan V. studied the Environments for Games career path in Think Tank Online.

Luc Ray  studied the Characters for Film career path in Think Tank Online.

Getting Students Industry Ready

Think Tank thrives and inspires because it understands the needs of the industry. Mentors know these demands all too well so they make sure students get the latest techniques and workflows, the newest software programs and the best industry contacts that open doors to real industry opportunities.

 “No matter where you study or who the instructors are the student final output is really the only thing that matters. If the vast majority of the student work  is not great it’s a fail. Greatness is what students need to aim for. Good won’t get you there. Good is nice but it’s second place. If you want to be the next big thing on Artstation, Get great training, aim for the top and work your tail off.” – Senior Academic Advisor, Scott Thompson

Join Think Tank’s Grads Working on the Biggest Titles Around the World.

If you have always wanted to explore your artistic side and see how good you can be with the right training, the right instructors, and a school that leads the way in CG training, whether it’s Online or on Campus, check out Think Tank Training Centre. Where industry job placement is the final stop in an incredible journey of creative exploration.

Contact Think Tank at for more information about Online training, the Vancouver Campus Program, or Think Tank Mentorships. 

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