Inspiring Comic Artists You Should Follow

Whether you’re new to comic books or have been following them your whole life, there’s something special about comic art that pulls you in. It’s the kind of artwork you can spend hours looking at, regardless if you’re 5 or 65. The best comic artists are excellent visual storytellers and know how to keep an audience interested – even if it’s a story that has been retold a thousand times.

For Comic Art Week, here’s a list of comic art portfolios on ArtStation that will blow you away.

Kael Ngu

Kael Ngu is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Malaysia who works both in ink and digitally. He has worked on covers for clients such as Marvel, DC, and IDW Publishing.

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Marguerite Sauvage

After graduating in Law and Information Sciences at Paris University, Marguerite Sauvage became an illustrator in 2001. She began her career first working in advertising and publishing before moving to video games, animation, and television. Since 2014, she’s been creating comic art for Marvel, DC, Vertigo, DarkHorse, Image, Dynamite and Valiant.

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Patrick Gleason

A veteran in the comic industry, Patrick Gleason has over 20 years of experience as a writer, artist, and creator. He is known for his work on Superman, Supersons, Robin Son of Batman, Amazing Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern Corps, Aquaman, Justice League of America, and more.

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Mario Alberti 

Mario Alberti is a comics author and illustrator for Bonelli in Italy, Le Humanoides Associes, Glenat, Delcourt, Soleil in France, Marvel, and DC.  You may also recognize him as the first place winner in ArtStation’s ILM Art Department Challenge – The Job.

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Clayton Henry

Clayton Henry is a veteran comic book artist with over two decades of experience currently working at DC Comics. He has worked for Marvel, Valiant, and a few other small projects for other companies along the way.

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Stephen Jorge Segovia

Philippines-based artist Stephen Jorge Segovia has been in the comic book industry for over a decade. He has worked with publishers such as  Marvel, DC, Dynamite, and Image Comics and is currently working on Hellions.

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Abigail Larson 

Abigail Larson is a Hugo Award-winning illustrator who specializes in macabre and gothic illustration and character design. Some of her past clients include Sideshow Collectibles, SYFY, Universal, Choice of Games, Titan Comics, Image Comics, DC/Vertigo, and Pelican.

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InHyuk Lee

InHyuk Lee is a comic artist, character designer, and art teacher based in Seoul, South Korea. In 2012, he received a job offer from Marvel comics and has been working in the American comics industry ever since. He has worked with several other notable studios and publishers including DC, Image Comics, Boom! Studios, and CAPCOM.

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Roberto Poggi

Inker Roberto Poggi has worked on Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther: World of Wakanda, Nova, Venom, Dr Strange, Inhumans, and  Absolute Carnage vs Deadpool, Morbius.

“ArtStation is an amazing way to have an online portfolio. I needed this 8 years ago when I was showing my pages to Marvel!”

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Monika Laprus-Wierzejska 

Monika Laprus-Wierzejska is a freelance comic artist and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland. She placed 3rd in the Kitbash3D Warzone contest and has created several pages for Polish comic magazines.

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David Nakayama

David Nakayama is a Honolulu-based freelance illustrator, concept artist, and art director. He’s best known for his Marvel Comics cover art (SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, DEADPOOL) but also freelances for Hasbro, DC, WB, Capcom, Valiant, Fantasy Flight Games, Upper Deck, Zenescope, and many others.

 “So many of my best clients – huge brands that you’ve definitely heard of – have found me expressly because of my ArtStation portfolio.”

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RAID Studio

Based in Toronto, the Royal Academy of Illustration & Design headed by Ramon Perez is an award-winning creative community of artists.  As a collective, RAID operates as a creative agency with a primary focus on sequential art, idea architecture,  visual development, illustration, and design.

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Matt James

Born in 1978 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Matt James is a freelance digital illustrator, comic book inker, and colorist now based in Perth, Australia.  He draws influence from a wide variety of artists and art forms. Some of his clients include Advent Comics, Dark Oz, Fantasy Flight Games/Marvel, and Insane Comics.

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Igor Wolski

Igor Wolski is a Polish comic artist and illustrator with over a decade of experience in the comic industry. He has also worked as an artist in mobile games, movie production, board games, and commercials.

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Fabio Ramacci

Fabio Ramacci is a comic book artist from Rome, Italy. He’s passionate about storytelling and has experience working on many different styles of comic projects. Fabio has worked with publishers Sergio Bonelli Editore, Star Comics, Midian Comics, Cairo Editore, Dynamite Entertainment, and Arcana Comics.

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Ann Maulina

Ann Maulina is a comic and game artist based in Indonesia. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design and is the creator of Raruurien and Varunair (webcomic).

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Piotr Kowalski

Piotr is a comic book artist who has worked on several comic books published both in the American and European comic markets. Some of his clients include Marvel, Dark Horse, Boom Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, American Gothic Press and Le Soleil.

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