8 Lighting Tutorials to Brighten Your Day

Improve your lighting techniques with these bright tutorials.

Lighting Theory for Games | Maria Yue

by Experience Points

Lighting is the glue that brings everything together in video games, and by extension any visual piece of art. In this tutorial Maria Yue, will be delivering a theoretical breakdown on Lighting for Games.

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Spicy Bundle: Lighting Techniques/Rendering/Upper Leg/Bicep/Tricep Anatomy/Pec Anatomy/Deltoid Anatomy

by Spicer McLeroy

Part of a larger bundle, the light tutorial covers the 3 basic lighting principles, how light is used in classic fantasy art,  how to set them up in Keyshot quickly, and rendering workflows. The tutorial includes all my materials and HDRIs used in Spicer McLeroy’s most popular images.

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Intro to UE4 lighting Exterior and Interior Tutorial

by Tyler Smith

A full run-through of creating an exterior and interior lighting scene in UE4.  Starting by showing the dynamic version of building a scene by using directional lights, volumetric height fog, and skylights.  Then moving on to setting up a scene using UE4’s light baking system and how to modify the results and troubleshoot any factors that occur during the process. Finishing with showcasing post-process features and how to modify basic materials and their relationships with the lighting results.

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Lighting – Understanding Mood

by Clint Cearley

In Understanding Mood: Lighting, MTG artist Clint Cearley tackles that topic by examining the most important visual aspects that define mood in our art. We start with the aspect of Lighting here in chapter 1 where we cover 3 key principles about lighting to remember, show 4 before-and-after paintovers exampling the principles being applied, and profile the lighting qualities of 12 of the most common moods.

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Light&Color Workflow + How I Use My Base Brushes

by Pauline Voß

In this Procreate tutorial,  Pauline Voß shows you how how to use her base brushes [called ‘Magical Beginnings’] and integrate them into a lighting workflow. It also takes you through a simplified version of the process of how to use color and light on faces. Included is also a second video with a sped-up painting process of how to render a sphere and the Procreate File with all the layers named after their function.

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Basic Lighting with Photoshop Layers

by Wayne Haag

This 40 minute tutorial covers using flat colour as a basis, you can establish accurate shadow values of your subject with reflected light, using a very simple layering method.

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Adding Lighting to your Lines

by Anthony Jones

This video tutorial will help those who are confused about what to do next about their line work to push it further. The videos cover:

  • Understanding the different stages of adding color, value, and details.
  • Add in the Lighting, by understanding forms.
  • Adding in occlusion to your shadows and forms.

This product contains  50 minutes of video, PSD File, Hotkeys, Brush, and Tool Presets.

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Drawing Light & Shadows with masks

by Paul Paa

This tutorial will show you a simple way to help you control shadows in your concept of props or character. In this tutorial you’ll get the guide, the example PSD and two brushes for Photoshop;

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