10 Mountain and Rock References

Take in the majesty of mountains and the intricate detail of rock formations with these breath-taking reference packs.


by Gaëlle Seguillon
This pack features the Géant Glacier in the french Alps. Situated next to the Mt Blanc, it features huge glaciers, crevasses and majestic sharp peaks. The photos are shot in different lighting conditions including misty clouds around the peaks creating beautiful shafts of light.

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Ref Pack – Rocks & Mountains Vol.1

by jonas ronnegard
This reference set focuses on Mountains and Rocks, a total of 354 images taken around various locations in Italy/Dolomites, Austria and Norway. Images were taken at 16MP (4608 x 3464) lower resolution than my other reference products but the great locations make up for it. The images were taken by Hans Ronnegard during his guided MC Touring tours.

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200 Royal free Armenian Mountains reference Pictures for Matte panting and Photobash

by Mels Mneyan
This pack includes over 200 reference pictures of the Armenian mountains. The photo content includes mountains, green landscape, rocks, grass, fields, and villages.

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Algarve Coast Reference Pack

by Jonathan Guzi
This reference pack includes 295 photos taken in various locations of the Algarve Coast in Portugal.

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Alien Rock – Photopack

by Adrien Lambert
Some interesting rock formation originally found in southeast Asian cave that could evoke Alien planets. This pack contains 164 HighRes JPEG from 5D mark3 original Resolution (5760*3840). All the photos were processed one by one to balance exposure and shadows.

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Red Centre Australia Reference Pack

by Patryk Olas
All these photos were taken in Alice Springs, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Olgas, and some surrounding areas. This pack includes red rocks, sparse foliage, plains, giant rocks/boulders, random wildlife, dead trees, more rocks, some dirt, more giant rocks, and yellow grass.

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Rock Labyrinth

by Timo Peter
Reference Pack Rock Labyrinth. Over 260 royalty-free jpegs of overgrown rocks. roots and more. Great for photobashing, references, matte painting and more.

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ALPINE MOUNTAINS IN THE FOG – Photo reference pack – 230+ JPG & 1 bonus PSD

by Sylvain Sarrailh
This high-resolution photo reference pack includes mountainsides and summits in the mist. The summer Alps landscape is enveloped in a thick blanket of fog. Shot compiled: large and close-up landscapes, multiple perspectives of each subject. It was shot in the National Park of Vanoise (France).

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Vietnam – Rock and vegation pack

by Pierre Lazarevic
In this pack you will find 115 photos of Ninh Binh in Vietnam. A lot of rocks, trees, vegetation, water plants and more. Ideal for matte painting, photo-bashing or 3D!

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220+ Petra Ruins and Roks. Reference Pack for Photobashing

by Anton Kukhtytskyi
220+ Photos which you can use for creating your awesome artworks This pack contains 225 photos with rocks and ancient structures/ruins.

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