How to Win a Cintiq and Switch in Atomhawk’s Annual Art Competition

Atomhawk’s annual art competition has become a yearly event which inspires and motivates artists from all around the world. Hundreds of unique pieces of artwork have been created and a talented few have walked away with some incredible prizes. Furthermore, Atomhawk  will be looking to hire several new artists at their Vancouver studio this year so this is a great opportunity to get seen by their recruitment team.

This year, Atomhawk’s theme is the provocative ‘The Adventure Begins’! We are very excited for this theme, as it’s something everyone can relate to, and the potential range of possibilities will be different for everyone.

So how can you win these prizes? We caught up with some of Atomhawk’s artists with their best advice on how to shine in their art competitions.

Equinox by Charlie Bowater

“The winner will be the best single image with a mixture of storytelling, creativity and technical skill. It’s important that the artist takes us on a creative journey,” said Charlie Bowater, Lead Artist at Atomhawk UK, “Do lots of exploration in the early stages and save your working as you go; it will help us understand your thought process as an artist and makes a big difference to the judges.”


Lost Boys by Lauren Nichols

“Focus on what you’re good at,” Lauren Nichols advises, Concept Artist at Atomhawk Canada, “Don’t try and impress the judges with a key moment or environment if your speciality is characters. Treat the competition like a portfolio piece and put your best foot forward!”

Sky Dragons by Brock Grossman

Brock Grossman, Concept Artist at Atomhawk Canada, who created ‘The Adventure Begins’ key art says, “Let your individuality as an artist shine through. You can see a variety of styles in the projects on Atomhawk’s website, ranging from gritty horror through to cuter, stylised work. The key thing is matching the best style to the brief. Play to your strengths and tell us a clear story with your artwork.”

This year’s prizes include a Wacom Cintiq 16, Nintendo Switch, ArtStation Pro subscription, ImagineFX digital subscription and an Atomhawk swag bag!

Deadline for submissions is Friday 7th August 2020. To learn more about how to enter Atomhawk’s 2020 Art Competition and for full terms and conditions, visit here.


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