10 Fabulous Fabric Assets to Get Your Hands On

Give your garments a makeover with these fabric assets you can easily apply to your project.


Art Nouveau Fabric

by Pauline Boiteux

Get this rich, luxurious art nouveau fabric for your next project. Abbey curtains to the king’s robe, you can’t go wrong.

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Torn Fabric

by Aleksandr Bobrishev

If luxury isn’t what you’re looking for, this torn fabric material for Substance Painter is a go-to for distressing any scene. In case you’re not sure where to start, this pack comes with an explanatory pdf to guide you.

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Sparkles – 2 Substance Designer Project and texture

by Marcelo Souza

This set of 2 Sparkling Procedural materials is nice to use for some glamorous clothing. Get the diva vibe going with this set!

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150+ Ultimate Cloth Alpha Pack by J Roscinas

by  Jonas Roscinas

More than 150 Cloth alpha textures in this set. The alphas that designed specifically for cloth detailing, texturing, and sculpting. The pack contains buttons, seamless textures, stitches, wrinkles and more goodies! All ready for commercial use. Created for the people that want to take their creations to the next level and improve/enhance the final result.

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Photoscanned textile materials – materials vol. 01

by Tomáš Búran

This pack includes 8 realistic photo-scanned tileable textile materials at 4K resolution in high quality. All of them were enhanced with Substance Designer. I took all the photos using my handmade Scanbox.

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24 Fabric Materials Part 1 – 4K – Tileable

by Travis Davids

This pack includes 24 tileable fabric materials at 4K resolution. There is also a Substance Painter material provided for each fabric. All materials were scanned and enhanced with Substance Designer. These are meant for clothing but they could also be used for environmental props like blankets, curtains, carpets etc.

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Fabric Vol 01 – Lace PBR

by Carel Jordaan

Get 10 Lace PBR Texture Maps, use these beautiful fabrics for a vintage flair or bridal vibe.

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Fabric Displacements 1

by Mikael Andersson

Plain Weave: One of the most basic and common weaves and is widely used in both fashion and furnishing fabrics.
Basket Weave: A variant of the plain weave that creates a visible checker pattern, often used for outerwear and drapery since it is stronger.
Twill Weave: Creates a diagonal pattern. Most commonly seen in jeans but also used for shirts, jackets, and hats.
Satin Weave: A finer weave that makes the fabric shiny. Often used for lingerie, sportswear, ties, and eveningwear.

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12 Photoscanned Fabric Materials

by Andrey Gubin

12 Photo-scanned and completely different fabric materials, a great variety to suit most projects.

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by Lory Aline Cherpit

Texture set of floral cloth; elegant and timeless. Add a touch of class to your next project.

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