What you need to know about ArtStation Marketplace

Want the inside scoop about the ArtStation Marketplace? Look no further, we’ve gathered in the information for you right here.

Most in-demand products

We polled Marketplace shoppers and found out what they wanted to see more of on the ArtStation Marketplace. Turns out the Marketplace is starved for tutorials! Get your mic on and start screen capturing because tutorials are where it’s at.

Have a voice for silent movies and a face for radio? No problem! 3D assets are also in demand, think of all the game artists out there that need odds and ends to make their sceneries or their characters go from “meh” to “YEAH!”

Free Products

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to give away my products for free, I worked hard on those.” Yes absolutely, you work hard on your products and you should be compensated for them. There is a way to use free products to your advantage; offering free digital products enables you to grow your following and attract potential new customers. Customers are more likely to buy your product if they can try out a sample first!

When someone buys or downloads your products, they start following you. They’ll automatically be subscribed to notifications on your updates, new products, artworks, and blog posts. If you have announcements, blog posts will reach your followers via notification and email.  Learn more about free products.


The Tips feature goes hand in hand with free products and is our implementation of “Pay what you want”. When a customer adds a product to their cart, they’ll be asked if and how much they’d like to tip the artist. Users can show their appreciation for a great product by adding a tip for the artist. Tips are completely optional and can be added both for free products or paid products.

Sales and Coupons

ArtStation organizes and promotes discounts on the ArtStation Marketplace fairly often. When you opt-in to participate in these sales events, you benefit from all the additional traffic and visibility from the promotion. You set your own discounts on your products and you can opt in and out as you please. When you’re opted-in, your products are automatically discounted and included in the promotion. Learn more.

Coupons are available for Pro members and allow users to create custom coupons for their products to share with their subscribers and followers. This way you don’t have to wait for an ArtStation sale to provide your following with amazing deals.

Subscription levels

Anyone who has an artist account on ArtStation can sell on the ArtStation Marketplace, regardless if they’re a Free, Plus, or Pro member. That being said, being a Pro member does have its advantages.

Free and Plus members get 70% the revenue for the products sold on the ArtStation Marketplace. Meanwhile, Pro users get 80-95% of the revenue in addition to being able to set up coupons.

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