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3dsense Media School is a leading digital arts school in Singapore, dedicated to providing industry-based training for Visual Effects, Animation, Games, Motion Design and Illustration. In 2019, all of their courses were ranked among the Top 10 in the world by The Rookies (#2 in Visual Effects, #3 in 3D Motion Graphics, #4 in Concept Art & Illustration, #5 in Animation and #6 in Game Art).

Having started out as a forum for like-minded CG artists back in the 90s, 3dsense has since grown to become a fine training institute which is committed to providing quality education to their students through their intensive and specialized 1 year programs. Classes are full-time and conducted in-person by mentors who have years of experience and Hollywood credits under their belt.

The Courses Offered

3D Animation and Visual Effects (12 months, full-time)

Since 2003, thousands of students have graduated from this course and went on to contribute globally in the movie and games industry. In 12 months, students will progress from art and software fundamentals in the first term of studies before progressing on to selecting a specialization: 3D Animation for Film, 3D Modeling for Film or Visual Effects. In the final two terms, students will be guided by experienced mentors in their specializations and graduate with a compelling portfolio. See student work.

Game Art (12 months, full-time)

3dsense’s Diploma in Game Art was introduced in 2019 as a response to the growing sophistication in the games industry. In this course, students will begin with art fundamentals such as anatomy and animation basics before proceeding to select a specialization: 3D Modeling for Games and 3D Animation for Games. They will be guided by experienced mentors where they will produce real-time assets in Unreal Engine and graduate with a portfolio to showcase their skills to potential employers. See student work.

Concept Art & Illustration (12 months, full-time)

This diploma is developed in partnership with Imaginary Friends Studio, which was founded by famed artist Artgerm. In this intensive one year course, students will not only learn from the best, but also focus on art fundamentals such as anatomy and perspective. With a good art foundation, students will go on to create visual masterpieces in illustrations, character designs and environment art. See student work.

Motion Design (12 months, full-time)

In the world of advertising, the aim is to engage audiences – and in this age and time, the more dynamic and interactive the media is, the better. Under the tutelage of our mentors, students will understand graphic design basics, develop their artistic sense and learn to have a strong grasp of industry tools such as After Effects and Cinema 4D. Students are also exposed to real-world projects through assignments which are designed to replicate actual industry briefs. See student work.

Toy Production (4 months, full-time)

The newest offering from 3dsense Media School, this course is designed for any toy fanatic who yearns to learn the production process of creating figurines. In this hands-on course, students will be guided on anatomy, sculpting with clay, resin casting, airbrushing and 3D printing. At the end of the course, students will be equipped with the skills and know-how on creating their indie toys. See more course information.

Industry Driven

3dsense Media School focuses on nurturing the next generation of artists and creative professionals for the industry so that they are ready for the global stage when they graduate. To do so, the curriculum is driven by the industry and they emphasize the importance of being very current to the trend and development of the real world. With its team of industry relations staff, 3dsense regularly works with reputable studios around the world to ensure that their curriculum is always relevant to the constantly changing hiring needs of studios. Additionally, students will also benefit from regular industry talks and portfolio reviews with invited artists. Apply Now.

Graduates from 3dsense have successfully gained employment in many of the world’s biggest studios, such as Industrial Light & Magic, Framestore, Weta Digital, Animal Logic, Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco and Ubisoft. Today, many of their graduates are living their dream of working on blockbuster projects and contributing to the media and entertainment landscape. Check out their students’ works.

Singapore – Gateway to Asia

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International students are accepted at 3dsense Media School. Interested to know more? Ask 3dsense!

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