8 Warrior Reference Packs to Bring Epic Battles to Life

The battle for amazing art has begun, now where are your warriors? Start the process of figure drawings or creating awesome character art with these warrior reference packs.

450+ Epic Ancient Warrior Pose Reference Pictures

by Grafit Studio

This reference pack includes over 450 pose pictures, perfect for figure drawing, studies, photobashing and illustration pose references.

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Figure Drawing: Warrior – Reference Pictures for Creators

by Noah Bradley

This is a great reference pack for all kinds of creators. The pack  includes 280 pictures of model Rachel Bradley and 437 pictures of model Noah Bradley.

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Warrior anatomy refpack 03

by Suzanne Helmigh

Whether you’re just out to study anatomy, need composition inspiration/ref for your card illustrations or want to understand how to hold a bloody sword? This is your reference pack! This pack is split into 4 themes: Enemies, Master & Student, Warrior Buddies, and Warrior Romance.

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Amazon Warrior Reference Pack

by Satine Zillah

This pack includes over 650 photo references for artists. The model is experienced in sword fighting, archery, and cosplay and I gotta tell you that the result is amazing!

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by Gregory Pedzinski

340 hi-res photos with urban soldier/mercenary posing. Various poses. Note that the photos could contain some registered trademarks or brand names (mostly gear and clothes manufacturers). They have to be removed before use the photo for commercial purposes.

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Bodybuilder Fighting Anatomy Reference pack #1

by Adam Winters

This reference pack includes 128 photo’s taken of a bodybuilder with swords in his studio. In this pack, there are 16 poses. Each pose taken from 8 angles.

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MODELING / The Fighter


This is a set of more than 400 photographs taken during an anatomy reference session.
You can use these for personal or professional work. Note this set includes nudity.

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MEDIEVAL COMBAT CUTOUT – Photo reference pack – 120+ PNG

by Sylvain Sarrailh

Shot during “Les Historiques 2018” festival, this high resolution cut out reference pack is a compilation of foot medieval fights. You can find various combinations of dynamic duels and confrontation between several fighters. The medieval soldiers are using swords, maces, axes, helmets, slight armors, and shields.

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