10 Marketplace Picks for Creating Hands

Sometimes your workload can get out of hand. So raise your fist in celebration for this article that’ll give you hand when you need to hand in projects on time.


by Tsvetomir Georgiev

This human ZBuilder is hands-down the easiest way to make human hands. With this plugin you can make any type of human hands and custom hand types for creatures and humanoids.

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Hand Reference Pack

by Satine Zillah

This amazing hand reference pack will provide you with 485 photos of male and female hands in different positions, lightning and camera angles. As for poses, the models are seen holding historic or modern weapons, a pen, a glass, a fur. Fighting or resting poses. Artistic poses with hands only or with a model. There’s 5 diferent models (3 women, 2 men).

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by denis ulianov

Hand puppets have nothing on these unwrapped hands basemeshes + insertbrush.

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Hands Assets

by Ahmad Merheb

We all know how hard Sculpting and Modeling hands can be. Over the years Ahmad has done soo many hands so here are some of the hands for you to use in your workflows. Just tweak them a bit and off you go.

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Learn To Draw Expressive Hands

by Art of Walt Reunamo

In this course, you will learn how to draw and sketch hands that are full of life and expression! The course is exercise-based so I will first show you how to approach the hand drawing with insightful tips and then you will draw it yourself with the provided references.

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Hands and feet VDM detail brushes + Alphas

by Andrés A. Martinez Romero

This pack contains 10 sets of VDM brushes for Zbrush:

  1. Tendons and bones (7 brushes).
  2. Nails (14 brushes).
  3. Palm hand (5 variations + 2 wrist wrinkles variations).
  4. Veins (7 brushes).
  5. 3 finger knuckles sets (5 base, 5 medium and 5 tip + elbow + 2 thumb + toe).
  6. 3 joint marks sets (5 base, 5 medium and 5 tip + elbow/ankle)

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Realistic Hands Pack


You’re going to want to get your hand one this realistic hands reference pack. This pack includes a male, female, child and baby hands.

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Art Model Poses – Hands

by Stan Prokopenko

This pack includes male and female model poses for artists to practice drawing or painting. Great for practicing anatomy, gesture, structure, tone and proportions. You get 1500 Photos.

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12 Male Hands IMM

by Grigory Rudenko

Get creating hand over fist with these 12 Male Hands created in ZBrush.

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by J Skaljin

If you need hand, this is the product for you! Images are rendered in Keyshot with white marble material, no UV maps, colors or textures.

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