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New3dge Concept Art was born out of a passion for games and films, but also an understanding of the needs of the industry. Since their opening in 2010, they have mastered digital art education and taught proven techniques to many of their alumni who are now working in the video game and film industry across the world.

They are among the best art schools in Europe and their international renown grows stronger each year. From traditional modeling and oil painting, to 3D procedural modeling and photorealistic rendering, they have been teaching the next generation of game and film artists for over a decade. Apply now.

New3dge Concept Art is taught by the top concept artists and designers in the world, such as: Eytan Zana, Mike Hill, Jama Jurabaev, Bastien Grivet and many more. This ensures that aspiring concept artists learn the job from industry professionals and learn the latest techniques.

Each year, only 20 students are selected to be part of this program. Each student is provided with a Plein Air oil painting kit and a personal workstation that includes: a Wacom Intuos Pro, Oculus Rift S and every program necessary for concept art.

The school is a proven facility, equipped with state of the art entertainment material, fiber internet, data servers, render farms, a motion capture system, Black Magic camera, etc.

Ever dreamt of living in France?

Paris is one of the best cities in the world for studying art. Filled with museums, beautiful streets, cafés and rooftop terraces, parks and hills, you will never be out of drawing inspiration.

The New3dge team can help get you in contact with housing agencies, give you advice on how to come to France and anticipate the cost of living.

What are people saying?

“New3dge is a wonderful place for learning the art and craft of game and VFX art. Great facilities and great staff provide a curriculum that ensures you’ll be prepared for the rapidly evolving games and film industry.”  – Mike Hill, New3dge Educator

“New3dge is probably one of the best concept art schools in Europe. The school makes everything possible to provide the student an ideal working and learning environment : unique workshops, small class, powerful workstations, selection of motivated students.” – Etienne Hebinger, New3dge Educator

“My experience teaching at New3dge has been absolutely delightful, and I have been so impressed with the quality of the school and the level of the students. The students are being taught with the most relevant technology and software, but also with a focus on fundamental principles of visual artistry. The results speak for themselves.” – Nathan Fowkes, New3dge Educator

“I am learning on a daily basis from the best concept artists in the industry as well as my talented classmates in a unique environment provided by a supportive and experienced management team. What else can I ask for?!” Arash Razavi, New3dge Concept Art student

“The concept art course at New3dge is a real bomb! The quality of information and the way it’s given is really well thought out and in combination with the amount of work you do it’s giving a real result. Instructors are real pros, who find the best way to inspire you and give you the knowledge. Big respect to school for that!” – Leonid Alekseev, New3dge Concept Art student


Are the courses given via video-conference or in-person?

All courses in this program are in-person classes at the New3dge facilities based in Paris. This is NOT a Masterclass program; the educators will be next to you in class and help you on your personal work.

Will the people listed on your website be our instructors/ teachers?

Yes. All the people listed on the website will be your instructors and will teach you the courses physically in the school facilities. More educators will be announced at a later date.

What is the usual work schedule?

Each week represents 40 hours of work (9am to 6pm every day with a 1 hour lunch time). Some Friday afternoons will be spent outside for “Plein Air Painting” and other activities.

Is it possible to only take the first year of this program?

It is not possible. If you want to be part of the 20 selected students, you must sign a two year contract.

How do I apply/ find our more?

Please check out the website to apply or to talk to the New3dge team.

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