8 Creepy Creature Assets

Bring your creatures, your monsters, and your creepy critters to life with the help of these 8 asset packs from the ArtStation Marketplace. There’s no better time to shop because the Marketplace is currently running a huge sale with up to 70% on 3D Assets and Game Assets.

Alien Insectoid Heads – 32 IMM Brushes Part I

by Andrey Shinkov
Create monsters faster and more fun using custom IMM brushes. Get the buggy-feel with ease with this asset pack!

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NAILS – 24 Character & Creature Claws & Nails

by Bernhard van der Horst
Sculpting nails can be tedious – here is your solution! 24 Creature and Character nails for super quick insertion. Comes in Zbrush Insert Mesh, Ztool, FBX and OBJ formats. All have been decimated as much as possible without sacrificing detail.

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Alien Cat

by Dimitar Grozev

An alien cat based on Earth’s large cats, various reptiles and fish. Here it’s rendered in real-time with a low-poly game mesh. It’s part of a group of creatures all based on African fauna.

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Fantasy Stylized Skulls

by Fanny Vergne
This is a pack of 4 sculpted fantasy skulls of some of the animals/creatures that are often used for fantasy video game content.

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Maya Dragon Rig (Jaemin Dragon)

by Truong CG Artist
You know you want to get your hands on this Maya dragon rig. Dragon concept art by Jaemin Kim and the model, Texture, Rig & Lighting by Truong.

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Mech Tentacle – IMM Brush

by Roger Perez
10 Different tentacles to Speed up your workflow in ZBrush. Time to make Doctor Octopus proud with this pack!

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Corrupted Sea Toolkit

by Anton Rabarskyi
If your creatures are hitting up the seven seas then you’ll need this asset pack!

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Release [04/10] – VDM – FULL ALIEN PACK [30+MAPS]

by Renan Assuncao
This is a complete alien pack to speed up your concept or character workflow with high-quality details.

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