11 Brush Packs That Imitate Traditional Media

If you’ve been looking for a way to get that traditional feel in your digital art, look no further. Here are 11 awesome brush packs you’ll want to grab ASAP.

Justin Gerard’s Monster-of-the-Month Brush Sets: VOLUME ONE

by Justin Gerard
Justin Gerard’s Monster-of-the-Month Brush Sets have been developed to give illustrators digital tools that simulate the look and feel of traditional painting and drawing.

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Impasto natural oil brushes for PS CS5+

by Fausto Hault
This Photoshop brush set is designed to imitate traditional oil paint and charcoal sketching tools to give your work a more traditional media look.

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Deharme Brush Set

A set of 90+ Brushes organized in categories. Includes inks, pencils, paintbrushes, oils, charcoals, Smudges and more.

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Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

by Luis Aguirre
Add an authentic, comic-book style to your work with my go-to vintage inking kit. The artist crafted these brushes to mimic the vintage, comic-inspired look. They deliver a subtle textured look that imitates the ink-bleed on old newsprint comic books, perfect for adding natural touches and a more traditional feel to your line work.

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Abel Essentials – Procreate Brush Set

by Abel Art
These are the artist’s essential brushes he uses to create stunning artwork in Procreate.

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Giorgio Baroni – Inktober brushes

by giorgio baroni
14 brushes for Photoshop that the artist created to be used in their latest Inktober challenge.

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by Quentin GABRIEL
Have fun with brush strokes and get the feeling of traditional pencils, charcoals, and inks on paper.

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Greg Rutkowski – Brushes

by Greg Rutkowski
This brush pack includes 209 brushes and 17 mixer brush tools that the artist has developed over 3 years.

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Oil Pastel Procreate Brushes

by Seamless Team
This brush pack includes 16 Procreate brushes that imitate various pastels and are perfect for sketching and illustrations.

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The Perfect Oils. Part 1. 24 Mixer Brush Presets for Photoshop versions CS5+

by Eldar Zakirov

This tool set includes the artist’s brushes that he developed based on his experience working with real oil paints.

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Studio Bundle – Procreate 80 brushes

by Elizabeth Moreno
Enjoy these 80 brushes that will give your artwork a different touch. Everything you need to start illustrating on your iPad.

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