10 Stellar Brushes for Creating Hair

The ArtStation Marketplace is the place to be when you’re working on a new character design. Here are 10 sculpting brush packs that’ll get you a fabulous head of hair in no time.

Special curve hair brush

by Olya Anufrieva
This curve hair brush was made for ZBrush 2018, 2019 and 2020. Get your hands on it now!

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Ken Hair Brushes Vol.1

by Kenken _ n
This package includes 12 hair brushes and a head model. You also get a timelapse video tutorial. The brushes and head model can be used in any form of commercial or services.

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ZBrush Hair Curve Brush

by Mohamed Alsadany
Get a look at Mohamed Alsadany‘s pack of 16 brushes! You get braids, strands, curls, stylized and more!

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NR_Hair Brush

by Nacho Riesco Gostanza
Have a look at this ZBrush Brush for hair sculpting, specially designed for detailing phase, it works great on overlaid locks.

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Hair Strands 2, IMM Curve Brush. UV Unwrapped.

by Polygon Pushers
Available in both a Freelance/Indie License and a Studio License, this Insert Multi Mesh Brush with four (4) mesh variations for creating hair strands. Single, Double, Triple, and a Double “flyer” mesh for thinner strands. Good for some basic texturing and displacements if desired.

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by Stephen Anderson
This braid brush allows you to drag out a clean braid in ZBrush with a curve. Made in ZBrush 2020.

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Hairbrush Curve IMM Brush

by Kurt Papstein
Hair can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if you want a sculptural look to your characters. Whether you’re going for stylized or simply want strips of clay to pull around, this pack will get you started!

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Zbrush – Male Hair VDM Brush

by Nicolas Swijngedau
Part two of Nicolas Swijngedau ‘s stylized hair series. This part includes 20 hand-sculpted stylized male hair all contained within one Multi-Alpha brush. Perfect to quickly concept characters and try different styles. For use with Zbrush (2018).

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Hair Brush – Unwrapped

by Simon Chapman
The brush contains unwrapped versions of 8 stylised hair types, 3 braids, 1 tube (CurveTube), 2 squares (CurveSnapStrap) and 1 plane (for game hair).

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[IMM Brush] Braid Hair Curve Brush for Zbrush 2019

by Sergi Camprubí
This is an IMM curve brush that contains 8 different types of a braid pattern. It is an excellent tool to add braided hair on your stylized characters.

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