The Art of 3D Insects Challenge: 3D Works inspired by specimens of The Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum, London has been an invaluable scientific and cultural institution since opening its doors in 1881. The Museum’s collection of 80 million items are incredibly vast and varied, ranging from the largest mammal on earth to objects that are as old as the solar system and is home to over 30 million insects.

This prestigious institution is on a mission to digitize and make its collection available to the public. This natural history collection holds the information necessary to tackle fundamental scientific and societal challenges of our time—from conserving the biodiversity and the planet’s health to finding new ways to combat disease and extract mineral resources. In tribute to this mission, Adobe has partnered with the Museum to create a custom curated collection of 20 insects, inspired by specimens from The Natural History Museum’s Data Portal.

Adobe is now challenging you—the scientists, creative storytellers, educators, designers, 3D artists—to imagine and share your vision of the possibilities. Whether drawing on a historical approach and capturing the lush landscape of the past, leveraging a contemporary, abstract, design sensibility or imaging a futuristic world filled with mechanical specimens, Adobe and The Natural History Museum, London, want to see what you can create.

Using the Adobe Stock collection, The Art of 3D Insects: 3D Works inspired by specimens of The Natural History Museum, London along with Adobe Dimension, share a visual story—the story of these insects in all their splendor.

Enter the Challenge

Special guest judge

Jennifer Pullar, Communications and Resource Manager for the Digital Collections Programme, the Natural History Museum, London will judge the submissions with the Adobe Dimension, Stock and Design teams.

Challenge Requirements

Your challenge is to create a visually compelling scene using at least one 3D asset from The Art of 3D Insects collection (which have all been optimized for Adobe Dimension) that celebrates the Museum’s ongoing endeavor to transform the study of natural history. You will be required to composite and render your submission using Adobe Dimension but can incorporate any other software to create the elements of your scene (for example Photoshop, Substance Painter, ZBrush, etc.).

IMPORTANT: The final work must be submitted as a digital image. You can use any 2D or 3D techniques so long as you: (1) include one asset from the Adobe Stock collection, The Art of 3D Insects; and, (2) render the final scene in Adobe Dimension.

Dates for the Adobe Art of 3D Insects Challenge

Submission start date: February 10, 2020

Deadline for submissions: March 9, 2020

Winners announced: March 23, 2020


Adobe, HP, Pixologic and Wacom have teamed up to provide an amazing lineup of prizes for the winners and Honourable Mentions for the Adobe Art of 3D Insects Challenge!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Honorable Mentions (5 total):

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