Stéphane Wootha Richard has Dropped 7 New Courses on ArtStation Learning

Stéphane Wootha Richard is a concept artist and illustrator based out of Lyon, France. His professional expertise has spanned the television, animation, video games, and publishing industries. In addition to his five existing ArtStation Learning courses, Stéphane just released seven new courses this month.

Let’s take a look at what has been added:

Kitbashing for Environment Design

This two-part series will walk you through how to create your own reusable kitbash assets in Zbrush. From there, learn how to use those assets to quickly rough in environments, from simple landscapes to complex cities. Kitbashing can be a huge time saver when designing environments.

Painting Over 3D Renders

This is another two-part series, and in it, Stéphane uses kitbashed environments and shows how to paintover 3D scenes efficiently to achieve production quality environment designs. The use of 3D assets is standard practice in concept art production pipelines.

Composition in Painting

In this course, Stéphane will teach his “Pyramid of Composition” concept as part of his method for composing a painting. This course not only covers the rules of composition but also composition aspects like considerations toward light and values, colors, shapes, placement of elements and concentration of details.

Designing Architecture in 2D

In this course, you will learn the process Stéphane uses to design and paint 2D environments in Photoshop. Starting from a simple Two-Value composition sketch, he shows how to slowly build up a rendering in phases to achieve a believable and realistic environment beauty shot. Stéphane uses an organized, well-structured approach to both the design and painting process.

Sketching Color Studies

This course teaches you how to grasp the overall feel of the color scheme by making it your own; often through a process of trial and error. Stéphane talks over the recording of 3 sketches sped up x2, about his thought process behind his color studies.

Photobashing Environments

This is a three-part series where Stéphane takes you through a real-time demonstration on how he uses “photobashing” for landscape design.

Designing Custom Brushes in Photoshop

In this course, Stéphane teaches how to create a complete custom brush set from scratch in Photoshop.  The process covers building up and expanding on new brushes in addition to existing ones. He will also cover tricks to develop a consistent design-oriented brush set in Photoshop that will work for any specific gesture, style or preference.

Stéphane’s previous courses include:

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