ArtStation Prints: Revamped Pages for a Better Shopping Experience

ArtStation’s mission is to support artists and empower them to be independent and successful. With ArtStation Prints, artists from around the world can sell their artwork to an audience of millions on ArtStation, all while eliminating the hassle of fulfillment, shipping, and returns. 

Earlier this month, we decided to move our print facility in order to have more control over the production quality and shipping. Doing so has helped us not only ensure that the quality of the prints is to the highest standard but also to offer better packaging and pricing for shipping. 

Behind-the-scenes footage of new Art Posters

When ArtStation Prints first launched, our focus was to provide a simple system that did the job. Since then, thousands of artists have uploaded and sold prints on ArtStation. With so much amazing work to discover, we knew we needed a better way for everything to be sorted. 

Now, we’ve completely revamped the prints pages to improve discoverability and make the shopping experience better. 

New Prints Index Page & Improved Filtering

The Prints Index Page was redesigned for a much smoother e-commerce experience. On each product type index page, the additional filters give more visibility to different kinds of work by making it easier for customers to sort through by filtering by colors, sizes, price and subject matter in each category. 

Enhanced Product Pages

The product pages now give you much more information and allow you to take a closer look before buying. High-resolution videos on each page show you more detail of the print product and behind-the-scenes footage of how they’re made. 

You can also now zoom-in on a print to see the details of the image. 

Free Shipping Promotion

To kick off the launch of the revamped pages, we’re offering free shipping on all orders over $50 in the US & Canada. The promotion will last only until the end of the month (September 2019) so be sure to place your order soon to take advantage of free shipping!

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