Talents in Games Conference 2019, St Petersburg, Russia

There is a lot of talent around the globe and Russia is no exception. The organizers of a well-known business game show are introducing a brand-new conference called Talents In Games. The conference will gather around 500 professionals involved in creating art for video games and game programming. The event will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 19-20, 2019.

The track for artists will take place on Day 1, June 19, and will feature presentations on visuals including art, graphics, UI and UX.

Don’t miss the keynote by Riana McKeith, Art Director at King. Riana previously worked at Rovio and Wooga, contributing to such games as Futurama: Game of Drones and Bubble Island.   She’s also worked at PopCap on Bejeweled and Plants Vs Zombies. At Talents In Games Conference, Riana will give a talk on the following topic: 272 Million Strangers: The Art of Getting to Know Your Audience.

Another exciting talk will feature, Ivan Mariev, who is responsible for the visuals of the Swedish company G5 Entertainment. In particular, he has been working on one of the main company’s blockbusters, Mahjong Journey. Ivan will share his experience on the different ways to use the software Spine 2D.

Case studies on game UI/UX will be covered in the presentations of Arvidas Brasdeikis from Game Insight and Anton Shapovalov from Playrix, both unique and successful companies. Playrix has scored four remarkable hits, and recently, it has released another major mobile gaming money-spinner with Wildscapes. The company is now one of the top 30 mobile gaming companies on the planet. Anton takes care of the interfaces and will share the major principles of what makes them so special in Playrix’s mobile hits.

Most of the lectures at the first Talent in Games Conference are going to be held in the Russian language to make them most accessible for the local community.

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