What you missed at GDC 2019

If you couldn’t make it to GDC this year, here’s a few announcements we thought you wouldn’t want to miss.

NVIDIA Unveils Omniverse

NVIDIA introduced Omniverse, an open collaboration platform to simplify studio workflows for real-time graphics.

This new open collaboration platform streamlines 2D and 3D product pipelines across industries. Omniverse is built around the latest industry standards for design collaboration.

It supports Pixar’s Universal Scene Description technology for exchanging information about modeling, shading, animation, lighting, visual effects and rendering across multiple applications. It also supports NVIDIA’s Material Definition Language, which allows artists to exchange information about surface materials across multiple tools.

With Omniverse, artists can see live updates made by other artists working in different applications. They can also see changes reflected in multiple tools at the same time.

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Autodesk Reveals 3ds Max 2020

Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 focuses on delivering efficiency, performance, and stability that will speed up your content creation process.

New updates for Revit and Chamfer Modifier provide even more flexibility from dealing with importing complex BIM data or creating that next killer game asset. Improvements to OSL (Open Shading Language), viewport playback, and a faster animation preview allow you to visualize the results of your work more accurately and minimize times between production changes.

The product team also shared their Public Roadmap for what’s to come.



Substance Debuts Javier Perez’s New Signature Collection

Javier Perez takes you to outer space in this new Signature collection on Substance Source.

With 15 brand new fully procedural materials inspired by the space conquest, embark for a journey in weightlessness with the space shuttle and inside the ISS living quarters and a few extra vehicular sessions.

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Game Art Panel: Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer?

In one of the most popular panel discussions as part of the conference, art directors and lead artists from Epic, Firaxis, Riot, Valve and Insomniac exposed portfolio pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as providing real world examples of how to succeed in getting, and holding, an art director’s attention.

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