ArtStation Marketplace: Heads and Facial Assets

The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products. This week, we’re featuring assets and tutorials to help you create great looking heads for your characters in 3D!

Female Head Zbrush Asset

by Artur Tarnowski

Female head ZBrush asset from the “Female Portrait” artwork found here. The ZTL contains a high-poly sculpt with subdivision history, clean topology and UVS. The preview hair is an optimized and baked geometry from XGEN.

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Head Basemesh for Production

by Vincent Ménier

This head basemesh was designed with production in mind. It’s optimized to facilitate the artist’s needs by allowing to skip the retopology and UVs process. Just sculpt a head and export whatever level of subdivision you need for your project!

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Real-Time Hair Tutorial

by Georgian Avasilcutei
In this tutorial learn how to  create hair suitable for games using 3DS Max. This tutorial includes the Marmoset scene with all the textures and source files for the head.

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ZBrush VDM Brushes Stylized Face Parts

by Mohamed Alsadany 
20 ZBrush VDM Brushes (3D Alpha ). This file includes: 5 Eyes, 5 Noses, 5 Lips and 5 Ears.
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Eye Setup ( for realtime and high render)

by André Anselmo 
This is a Eyeball setup ready to be used for characters. It’s an easier way to work separately on  the eye, with a mesh for the Sclera/Inner and one for the Iris/ Pupil. Also includes the Lacrimal – a mesh above for a fake shadow on realtime use and a transitional to blend the lacrimal and eyeball with the eye and give that tear effect.
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Realistic African Male Head

by Nathan Brock
This is a realistic sculpt of an African male head.  It includes: 6 subdivision levels in ZTL format, base poly paint information to create initial albedo map and easy polygroup setup for sculpting and baking overlapping areas such as the lips or eyelids.
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