Over $100,000 Paid Out to Artists

The ArtStation Marketplace has come a long way since we recently released it to all members. There are now over 6,000 products and thousands of sellers, with plenty of exciting new features coming very soon.

We’re so excited to announce that artist earnings have now reached over $100,000 on the ArtStation Marketplace and continue to grow rapidly!  Artists can set up their shop quickly with PayPal payouts or receive a convenient Direct Deposit to their bank account to over 220 countries. ArtStation is constantly developing to make our platform one that not only celebrates artists, but also one that empowers them to be successful by providing them with all the tools they need.

Here’s what sellers are saying:

” ArtStation removes the fear of your products never being seen by a targeted audience. They are already on here browsing the Marketplace, looking for something of value that will help them to either create better work a lot quicker or learn a new skill.” – Travis Davids

“The ArtStation Marketplace became this gigantic niche entertainment-art market where I can just start selling without worrying about the promotion and audience targeting. With other competing marketplaces, you definitely have to promote your content yourself. It’s a definite relief, especially when you consider that as a freelancer, you already spent a lot of time promoting your own work. Here, I can just focus on the product itself and that’s great.” – Antoine Collignon

“The maker of a product always wants their item to be sold in the largest and busiest market. The ArtStation Marketplace is that market.  The strength of the community is the biggest difference I’ve noticed between the ArtStation Marketplace compared to other platforms. It’s easy to find products from artists you follow directly on their portfolio.”  – Le Vuong

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Selling is simple, straightforward and there are no sign up fees.

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For more information on the ArtStation Marketplace, check out the FAQ here.


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