PayPal Payouts on the ArtStation Marketplace

At ArtStation, we’re constantly working on developing efficient and easy-to-use tools that empower artists to be successful.

Now, by popular demand, we’re happy to announce that you can now set up your shop on the ArtStation Marketplace
quicker than ever with PayPal payouts. Direct Deposit to your bank account is also available for your convenience to over 220 countries in local currency. More information about payouts and transaction fees charged by PayPal and bank transfers are available on this support article.

Though our Marketplace is still in Alpha, artists are already making thousands of dollars selling their digital products!

“I had no idea that selling just a few characters would end up paying my rent! After a few months of selling on the Marketplace, I can say it was easily one of the best decisions I made.”

– Colton Orr, Character Artist at Insomniac Games.

Set up your shop with PayPal or Direct Deposit into your bank account

From the Manage Products page, first enter your basic account information. When you select a Payment Method,  you can select to be paid either with Direct Deposit or PayPal. Then you’re ready to start uploading products and making money.

Start Selling

See more information about selling including payouts, earnings, etc. here.

What’s next

The Marketplace is still in development.

  • More visibility for marketplace products
  • Website checkout
  • Print on demand goods
  • more


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