Challenge Update: Feudal Japan – The Shogunate

There’s just a week left to enter the Concept Art phase of the challenge Feudal Japan – The Shogunate.  Close to 2,000 artists have joined so far with some already submitting completed entries. But, it’s not too late to take part in Phase 1 of the challenge and create a winning submission!

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Check out how some of the submissions are coming along:


First keyframe submission by previous ArtStation Challenge winner Lap Pun Cheung A very good start by Vladyslava Hladkova.  We look forward to seeing more!

See all submissions in the category: Keyframe Concept Art


Very original shapes of the characters in this work in progress by Pierre Raveneau.

A creative lineup of characters by Nicolas Tham.

See all submissions in the category: Character Design


Great composition sketch by Emilie V.F.

Beautiful serene environment by Job Menting.

See all submissions in the category: Environment Design


Jens Fiedler did quite a bit of research when designing their Oni Gong.

Andrea Anselmi’s Japanese warship is coming together as details and colors are added.

See all submissions in the category: Prop Design

If you’re participating in the challenge and need that extra motivation or advice, try reading interviews with winners from the last challenge to spark your inspiration:

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Visit the ArtStation Challenges page to see more fantastic artwork or join the competition yourself!

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