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The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products.  This week, we’re featuring various products to help you create awesome vehicles! 

Modular Car Creation Tool

This grid-based tool makes it possible to create cars within a few minutes! All parts are designed with inspiration from the latest trends in the car industry. All parts are brandless and can be combined to create the unique car you need without having to worry about copyright.

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Muscle Car Vehicle Pack for UE4

By Raul Fernandez 

This pack of vehicles is ready to be used in any environment. The cars have no openable doors but have a highly detailed interior.

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Photo Reference Pack Destroyed Vehicles

Included in this set are 285 reference photos taken of military aircraft including detailed shots, helicopters, jets etc. that can be used by concept artists, matte-painters etc for personal or commercial use. All photos are around 4,200 pixels wide.

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Foundation Art Group – Applying Studies to Concepts: APC Vehicle

by Foundation Art Group

This tutorial includes over 1 Hour of video lecture & demo with JPG demo & notes.

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Transport Vehicle Tutorial

In this tutorial, Tor goes through his entire process from blockout to rendered high poly of a sci-fi vehicle in MODO. He goes through the blockout stages, assembling a kitbashing set, modeling the entire vehicle, as well as creating decals, materials and rendering in MODO.

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Intrinsic Vehicle Design – Part 1

by Mike Hill

Using basic tools in 3D and 2D, learn how to create a believable vehicle by simplifying the design task into understandable chunks. This densely edited video will show you how to make designs that become aesthetically pleasing by solving multiple production problems from real commercial settings.

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