Rebelle 3 improves the realism of digital art with its state-of-the-art watercolor simulation

Painting by Hal

Is there anything that can beat the tactile feel of art materials? Escape Motions is back with a major update to their paint software Rebelle promising to be ever closer to that of traditional painting. The newly implemented true-to-life features turned out exceptionally well.

Everyone working in the creative field strives to empower his creativity. Then there are people within the same field who create tools for artists to help them express their ideas. One of them is Escape Motions – a small team based in Slovakia who develop innovative painting software awarded all across the globe. No matter your art background or proficiency, their latest Rebelle 3 update should be on your radar.

Painting by Yi-Piao Yeoh

Based on months of studying the watercolors, brushes, testing hundreds of various papers, and working closely with art community, a new Rebelle 3 update unites tradition and technology with an original approach. Ultra-realistic papers, the imitations of real watercolor papers and canvases with both cut and deckled edges are not just a thing of material world any more.

From now on, artists can use them digitally as well. Retaining the white of the paper or the underpainting color on your computer can be done exactly the same way as if you applied a masking fluid used for centuries solely by traditional artists. Digital painters can now take an advantage of this handy tool which adds the painting much needed contrast. The developer is also introducing “DropEngine” – a new simulation system that allows recreating the behavior of paint drips. Drips now respond realistically to paper structure, stencils and selections. An inventive concept of Ruler and Perspective tools is a great enhancement appreciated not only by starters but every artist looking for precision in his paintings.

Editorial 6 by Julija Lubgane

We put art first. This new version comes again closer to blur the line between traditional and digital painting as it will give the artists an infinite range of expression possibilities packed in a simple interface. says Escape Motions founder and a head behind Rebelle algorithm, Peter Blaskovic, Rebelle 3 has made big strides in improving the realism of its world-class watercolor brushes, which can now accurately mimic all sorts of behavior on different paper surfaces.

The initial version of Rebelle has been introduced in May 2015. Since then Rebellehas become a sought-after paint tool dedicated to creating realistic wet and dry media artwork. Using real-world color blending, wet diffusion and drying, it convincingly mimics the way natural media interacts with the canvas and itself. Designed for both CG artists as well as for traditional painters, this tool is a must-have solution for everyone who wants to explore their artistic skills using digital technology.

More Moo Totale önks by Philipp Neundorf

“The genius of Rebelle for me is that you’re aware that there is a really sophisticate brush engine in the background, but as the end-user you control this power in a simple, uncomplicated way, within a wonderfully streamlined interface.”  – Tim Shelbourne

Availability and System Requirements

The latest Rebelle 3 version is available for Windows and Mac OS for $89.99 from April 30th 2018 on the Escape Motions website. It comes with unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee as well as more than 50 % discount for existing Rebelle users. Users who purchased Rebelle 2 after March 1st this year will get a free upgrade to version 3 on its release. 

Makemealion by Kamila Stankiewicz

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