Imaginary Friend Society: “What is an MRI?”

Roof Studio, led by director Guto Terni, along with the agency RPA and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, bring education, color and life to somber subjects in the Imaginary Friend Society’s “What Is an MRI?” short. Two original characters designed by the studio–Charlie, the three-eared rabbit in specs who offers instruction, and Roger, the funny counterbalance to the technical topic–guide viewers through the how’s and why’s of receiving an MRI scan. Geared toward alleviating the fears and confusion of children about to receive an MRI, the animation offers a sci-fi take on the experience and explains that the “picture-taking” device isn’t meant to hurt and isn’t actually scary, using wit and quippy asides to uplift their spirits in the ways only a comforting cartoon character can.


Client: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Agency: RPA 
Animation: Roof Studio
Director: Guto Terni
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Producer: Emily Branham
Assistant Producer: Joana Santos
3D Lead: Heber Conde, Shane O’Hara, Vivi Adade
Art Direction: Guto Terni
Storyboard: Ivan Freire
Concept Art: Pedro Minho, Victor El Guy, Lucas Camargo, Rafael Martin, Fabio Valle, Bruno Jacob, Basia Tran
Modeling: Rayza Alvarez, Alex Liki, Jean Marcel, Danilo Gerrard, Thiago Batista, Lucas Ribeiro
Rigging: Vivi Adade, Danilo Pinheiro
Animation Director: Derek Henriquez, Guto Terni
Layout: Alfredo Hisa, Heber Conde
Animation: Mallo Ryker, Alex Ferreira Simoes, Diego de Paula, Nico Mendes, Marcelo Zanin, Michel Denis da Silva, Rafael Polanczyk, Renato dos Santos Sena, Heber Conde, Paul Wei, Marcio Nicolosi
Fur: Josemar Queiroz, Shane O’Hara
3D Lighting/Rendering: Joe Nguyen, Shane O’Hara, Vinicius Paniello, Josemar Queiroz
Lookdev: Shane O’Hara, Guto Terni, Flavio Mac, Josemar Queiroz, Lucas Ribeiro
Additional Look dev: Gustavo Groppo, Guzz Soares
Lead Compositor: Marcelo Bortolini
Compositing: John Harrison, Marcelo Bortolini, Guto Terni, Bruno Ferrari, Shane O’Hara
Simulation: Heber Conde, Flavio Mac
Pipeline: Marcelo Bortolini
Sound: Butter Music and Sound 
Additional VO Record and Mix: Mixtape Club

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