Register Now for the Production Phase of the Beyond Human Challenge

Are you planning on participating in the next round of the Beyond Human Challenge?

Pre-register now

With the brief being posted and submissions officially open next week, register now as a challenger and prepare to get announcements and be part of the fun. As with the last Ancient Civilizations Challenge, you’ll be given the chance to develop your own concept or choose another artist’s concept from Phase 1.

Browse concepts from Phase 1 to see you have any favourites you’d like to work on.

Remember that ArtStation Community Challenges are open to artists of all levels and are meant to be a personal learning experience more than anything else. This time, we’ve added more hosts to the categories so that participants will get more feedback by pros on their submissions. If you were looking for an excuse for a new portfolio piece, this is it!

Pre-register for Phase 2 now:

Game Character Art (real-time)
Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)
Film/VFX Matte Painting
Game Environment/Level Art

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