Warrior Princess: Yangtian Li tests Chameleon Pen’s Color Tone system

Yangtian Li is a concept artist and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. She studied art in Australia and Singapore and has worked in game studios and more recently as a freelance artist for clients such as Treyarch (Call of Duty), SuperEvilMegaCorp (Vainglory), Square Enix (Figure Heads) and MollyRocket (Handmade Hero).

Yangtian recently tested Chameleon Pens 52 Pen Set to show off its new Color Tone system which allows you to change the colour tone of your ink to create smooth transitions, shading, gradations and blending. The alcohol-based marker system allows each pen to go from the lightest shade right through to rich tones with the application of the Colorless Blender pen. She also put the new Chameleon Color Tones Pencils to provide extra texture and detail to the final illustration.

The Chameleon Pens Color Tone 52 pen set includes:

  • Pastel Tones: Warm Sunset YO3, Fawn NU3, Bisque NU1, Bubble Gum PK3, Cool Gray CG8.
  • Earth Tones: Spring Medow YG3 , Bark BR5, Seville Orange OR4, Hot Cocoa BR2, Olive Green OL3.
  • Primary Tones: Crimson Red RD4, Summer Sun YL2, s Royal Blue BL6,  Grass Green GR3,  Deep Black BK4.
  • Cool Tones: Sky Blue BL3,  Blue Violet BV4,  Deep Violet VO4, Purple Grape PR4, Aqua Marine BG4.
  • Nature Tones : BR1 Taupe, BR3 Cinnamon, GR1 Green Apple, GR2 Dark Sage, GR4 Evergreen
  • Blue Tones : BL2 Baby Blue, BL4 Cornflower Blue, BL7 Indigo, BG1 Lagoon, BG3 Turquoise
  • Floral Tones: PK2 Dusty Rose, PK4 Peony Pink, PK5 Fuchsia, BV2 Lavender, VO2 Mauve
  • Warm Tones: RD2 Red Coral, RD3 Vermillion, RD5 Burgundy, YO2 Mellow Yellow, OR3 Tangerin
  • Skin Tones : NU00 Nude, NU0 Sand, NU2 Light Peach, NU4 Carmel, BR4 Burnt Umber
  • Gray Tones: NG4 Neutral Gray 4, CG5 Cool Gray 5, CG9 Cool Gray 9, WG3 Warm Gray 3, WG7 Warm Gray 7
  • Colorless Blender: A double-ended pen with Japanese SuperSoft Brush and Bullet Nibs containing the same colorless Toning Medium used in the Mixing Chamber of Chameleon Color Tones.
  • Detail pen: A double-ended pen with two Fine Line nibs (0.6mm and 0.4mm) containing black dye-based ink

The Chameleon Pens 52 marker set is available at US$139.99 and the Chameleon Color Tones Pencils are available at US$49.99 with local dealers worldwide. For a limited time, a free Chameleon Online Learning Course is included with every purchase.


Finished illustration with Chameleon Pens

Pencil sketch

Be sure to check out Yangtian’s Limited Edition Iron Ladies Postcard Collection which includes 40 Iron Ladies postcards, a numbered certificate, a collector’s coin and 2 sets of stickers.

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