FMX 2017: Improvements in GPUs that Make Things Easier for Small Studios & Freelancers

FMX is one of the world’s premier conferences to meet with the most influential players in Digital Visual Arts, Technologies, and Business with VFX and animation experts around the world presenting the latest in cutting edge achievements, state of the art tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies, spectacular immersive experiences, innovative business models and more.



If you’re a freelance artist or own a small studio, one thing you don’t want to miss is Tomasz Wyszolmirski‘s presentation on GPU production improvements.

Tomasz is a self-taught artist who skipped college and started working in the industry straight out of high school in 2005 when he took his first job as a 3D artist at Evermotion. In 2009, he founded Dabarti and has since had clients such as TVC, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Milka. After a successful first couple of years, he set out with the goal of building the industry’s biggest and best CGI stock portfolio. Now with a small team powered by GPU rendering, they have reached a total of nearly 3000 full-CGI stock videos that have been used in hundreds of commercials, trailers, movies and TV series.

 His talk will be focused on the recent improvements to the GPU rendering and how they can help small studios and  freelance artists. V-Ray RT became one of the greatest production rendering engines and these days, you can quickly upgrade your existing workstation with 1-2 GPUs and suddenly have computing power of small render farm from few years back. This unleashes creativity in a way. As Tomasz  says, “It gets to the point where you stop worrying about settings and just focus on the creation process.”


FMX 2017 takes place in Stuggart, Germany from May 2 – May 5 2017. See Tomasz’s presentation on V-Ray Day @ FMX in the Mannheim Room, Wednesday May 3rd at 2:00pm.

Find out more about what’s happening at FMX 2016 on the show’s website.

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