Ancient Civilizations Challenge: Production Phase Has Begun!

If you’ve been following the first phase of the Ancient Civilizations Challenge, you’ll have seen that some of the concepts designs in this round are truly inspiring and out of this world! Starting today, you’ll get the opportunity to build off one of these concepts of your choice and bring it to life. Or, you’re also welcome to develop a design of your own!

Join the challenges

For the Production phase, you’ll have 8 weeks to complete your submission(s). This is a great chance to improve your skills, interact with the ArtStation community and receive feedback on your work. No matter what level you’re at, this is a fun way to challenge yourself and learn!

We have increased the Marmoset Viewer upload limit to 25MB for the Ancient Civilizations real-time challenges. This means that both ArtStation Pro and non-Pro members will have the same upload limit for the challenge!

Enter the competition now:

Game Character Art (Real-Time)

Film/VFX Art (Rendered)

Film/VFX Matte Painting 

Game Environment/Level Art

Good Luck!


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