New Challenge: Ancient Civilizations

Are you ready to put your skills and creativity to the test with the next level of ArtStation Challenges? It’s definitely not going to be easy so we hope you’re up for the opportunity to show what you can do and be part of the fierce competition!

The theme of the challenge is Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found. We’re challenging artists to go beyond imagining a bygone civilization, and bring it to life with a compelling narrative.

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Two Phases: Vis Dev & Production

The Challenge will start with three Concept Art categories and will run for four weeks. We will then open up four Production categories which will run for the next eight weeks.

Registrations for Phase 1 Now Open:

Concept Art – Keyframe
Concept Art – Character Design
Concept Art – Environment Design

Challenge Hosts

We’re adding a new team of Challenge Hosts to provide daily feedback and share their production knowledge throughout each discipline:

Adam J Middleton (Weta Workshop): Keyframe Concept Art
Donovan Valdes (Freelance): Character Concept Art
Max Schulz (Freelance): Character Concept Art
Randall Mackey (Freelance): Environment Concept Art
Satoshi Arakawa (Daybreak Games): Game Character Art
Mathew O’Halloran (Ubisoft Massive): Game Environment/Level Art
Victoria Passariello Fontiveros (Freelance): Film/VFX Character Art
Tiberius Viris (Sony Pictures Imageworks): Film/VFX Digital Matte Painting


We’ve got an amazing panel of judges along with staff from ArtStation who will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and honourable mentions. Submissions will only be judged at the end of the challenge, when both phases are complete.

Devon Fay (Senior Environment Artist, Riot Games)
Raphael Lacoste (Franchise Art Director, Assassin’s Creed)
Renaud Galand (Lead Character Artist Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment)
Sparth (Art Director Halo, 343 Industries)
Andrew Maximov (Lead Technical Artist, Naughty Dog)
Efflam Mercier (Concept Artist, Riot Games)
and more judges to be announced

Registrations for Phase 1 of the Ancient Civilizations Challenges close 13 March, 2017 17:00 GMT.
Registrations for Phase 2 of the Ancient Civilizations Challenges close 8 May, 2017 17:00 GMT.

Register Now

Whether you’re in it to win it or just want the chance to share your work and get some great feedback, you can get started now and join the Ancient Civilizations Challenge!

Good Luck!

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