Promised Land Art Festival, September 27-30th Łódź, Poland

Promised Land Art Festival is a place for artists from film, gaming and advertising industries to meet and to celebrate digital and traditional arts. The event is hosted by CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, and the City of ?o?dz?, Poland. It will take place September 27-­30th in the EC1 building complex, located in the heart of the city.


Exchange of Knowledge

More than 40 renowned industry professionals will be coming to Promised Land to share their experience, knowledge and talent on topics such as illustration, animation, modeling and VFX. The lectures, live demos and discussion panels will feature artists from companies like Blur, Digic Pictures, Industrial Light & Magic, Naughty Dog, Eidos, Crystal Dynamics and Riot Games, to name a few.



Hands-On Experience

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty, the festival is home to a series of hands ­on workshops. These include drawing, painting, clay sculpting and digital art workshops ­­ all headed by world ­class specialists and using cutting­ edge equipment.



Networking & Professional Growth

Promised Land is also a great place to meet like-­minded industry professionals, forge new business relationships, or have your portfolio reviewed by event speakers.



Art as Entertainment

Attending artists will have the opportunity to test their creativity in a whole new dimension using HTC Vive technology and a selection of games and software, as well as take part in art exhibitions, competitions and parties.

Artist Lineup

Some of the artists and companies coming to Promised Land Art Festival include:

  • 2D Art: Nivanh Chanthara, Even Mehl Amundsen, Ben Mauro
  • 3D Art: Furio Tedeschi, Marcin Klicki, Bruno Camara
  • Animation: Jeremy Collins, Jay Hosfelt, Hubert Daniel
  • Production : Digic Pictures, Riot Games

For the full artist line up, please visit the Promised Land Art Festival speaker page.

The Promised Land Art Festival’s patron is the City of ?o?dz?, acting as part of its promotional campaigns “?o?dz? Creates” and “EC1 ?o?dz? – The City of Culture”

About the author

Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.