Celtic Faeries book by Jean-Baptiste Monge

Jean-Baptiste Monge is hosting a Kickstarter campaign for his book Celtic Faeries. This is going to be a colorful book about Celtic creatures and legends, painted and written by one of the greatest illustrators of this generation!

The fantasy and Faery creatures of Jean-Baptiste Monge have been thrilling us for more than 20 years. His impish Gnomes, his big-shnozzed Goblins, grumpy Trolls and mischievous Fairies followed him to Canada to continue their tremendous story. In a studio much too small for his liking, Jean-Baptiste works on his personal projects and on the proper dissemination of his artwork with his partner Margo, under the infernal yoke of his two cats, Minus and Banana. Meanwhile, he also divides his time between different animation studios where his talent is put to good use as a Character Designer and Visual Development Artist.

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