Popped Culture Kickstarter Campaign

Image credit: Dan LuVisi

Dan LuVisi’s Popped Culture Kickstarter campaign has begun! In this book, Artist Dan LuVisi takes you on a twisted and satirical journey through pop culture history and its colorful roster of faces.

Acclaimed artist Dan LuVisi is ready to take you on a twisted trip down memory lane. You know those popular culture characters you love so much from your favorite video games, TV shows, and movies? He’s reimagined them, putting them in an alternate and strangely satirical universe. After years of putting these images and their associated stories online, Dan is ready to present you with POPPED CULTURE, a book that collects some of his peculiar pop culture paintings, the stories that accompany them, and presents many new and unseen ones as well.

Expect to be entertained, disturbed, and, yes, even moved by the world of POPPED CULTURE!

"What I Do Best"

“What I Do Best”

"The Streets - Chapter 1"

“The Streets – Chapter 1”

"The Frog and The Pigeon"

“The Frog and The Pigeon”

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