Showcase your animations through Sketchfab

Main image: Skilful Revived Forge Spirits for Invoker by Oleg Knyazev

If you’re a character artist, there’s only one thing better than being able to show your design from every angle: being able to show it in motion.

Which is why online model-viewing service Sketchfab – also integrated with ArtStation – has just added support for animation.

Users can upload animated models in FBX format and see them play in any modern web browser, with the option to move the camera interactively at any point.


Animation support is currently in beta, but already a few ArtStation members are using it, like Allods Team video designer Oleg Knyazev, whose Forge Spirit character can be seen above.

The system works with any FBX file with bones or solids, so as well as characters, beta users can upload hard-surface models like props or vehicles – or even mock physics simulations.

Read more about animation support on Sketchfab’s blog
(Includes a link to apply for the beta program)

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Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.