Gnomon releases Airship Arrival with Syd Mead

The Gnomon Workshop has released Airship Arrival, a new 140-minute training video in traditional illustration techniques recorded by legendary Blade Runner and Tron concept designer Syd Mead.

Over the course of the video, Mead paints an illustration of a futuristic airship, starting with a base drawing and building up the image in gouache, shown in timelapse in the teaser below.


As well as practical advice for working with gouache, Mead shares his insights into how the almost abstract representation of detail – both natural and mechanical – can create illusion of reality.

The video is available as a digital download from Gnomon’s website, and costs $69.

Read more about Airship Arrival on The Gnomon Workshop’s website

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About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.