3-months of Sketchfab Pro free for ArtStation artists

Sketchfab is offering a free 3-month Sketchfab Pro subscription to ArtStation artists who post a Sketchfab model to their ArtStation portfolio.

The Sketchfab Pro account which is usually $15/month, allows unlimited uploads (up to 200MB per model), viewer customisation, a wide range of exporters, password-protected models, portfolio site, custom backgrounds, PRO directory listing, 24-hour email support and a PRO badge. Sketchfab also supports: PBR and all typical shaders (normal maps, etc.); multiple materials; standard post process; advanced editing options; and real-time dynamic lights and environmental lights.

To take advantage of Sketchfab’s 3-month free offer:

  1. Sign up at Sketchfab
  2. Upload your 3D model using the free Basic account and tag it with “artstation” to have a chance to be featured on Sketchfab’s ArtStation tag page.
  3. Post your Sketchfab model to your ArtStation portfolio (Upload Artwork > Add 3D Model)
  4. Add a custom Sketchfab thumbnail using the ArtStation Sketchfab template.
  5. email the URL of your ArtStation project containing your Sketchfab model (e.g. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nightingale-final) to hello@sketchfab.com

To see Sketchfab in action, visit the talented Yekaterina Bourykina’s ArtStation portfolio.

by ybourykina
on Sketchfab

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Daniel is the Industry Manager for ArtStation.