$60 app Rebelle mimics real watercolor and acrylic paint

Main image: Tim Shelbourne

Escape Motions has released Rebelle, its promising digital acrylic and watercolour painting package.

The $59.99 desktop application mimics the behaviour of real paint, flowing, blending, drying (and re-moistening) realistically, and interacting with the texture of the paper.

It comes with the basic features you’d expect to find in a paint tool, including brush controls, a colour picker, and layers with Photoshop-style blending modes, and supports Wacom tablets.

As well as liquid paint, the software mimics pen, pencil, pastel, marker and airbrush effects.

Escape Motions tells us that it also intends to mimic real-world watercolour techniques – like salting or scraping the paper – in future. You can find a full product roadmap on its FAQs page.

Pricing and availability
Rebelle is available for Windows and Mac OS X. There’s a demo, so you can try before you buy.

Read more about Rebelle on Escape Motions’ website
(Includes the download link for the demo)

About the author

Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.