Check out neat new $19 paint app Paintstorm Studio

Indie tools developer Paintstorm Studio Developers Team has released Paintstorm Studio: an intriguing new $19 paint package with a range of very unusual brush features.

Paintstorm Studio combines the features of natural media paint tools like Painter – brush library, layers, colour picker and mixer – with Manga Studio’s ability to paint textures and pattern elements.

Brush settings are customisable by means of ‘graphs’, leading to some highly unusual stroke forms.

In addition, there are neat features like ‘dirty mode‘, in which a bristle brush picks up colours from the last area of the canvas it touched, like real oil paint; an automatic perspective painting system; and a fill tool that ignores gaps in outlines intelligently when colouring line art.

The software supports Wacom tablets and imports PSD files.

Possible drawbacks? It’s Windows-only (a Mac version is in the works), the UI is non-standard, and the developer admits that as a first release, it may be missing “some common tools and filters”.

However, at just $19, including free lifetime updates, Paintstorm Studio isn’t an expensive tool to experiment with, and there’s a free trial if you want to try before you buy.

Read more about Paintstorm Studio on the product’s website

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Jim Thacker is a contributing editor for ArtStation Magazine.