The new ArtStation mosaic home page

We’re happy to be announcing the rollout of the brand new ArtStation mosaic home page!

The mosaic is a random selection of popular artworks on ArtStation that aids with discovery. It gives more artists a fair chance at being seen on the home page, and it enables you to discover a lot more artwork. Every time you hit ArtStation, the wall gives you a new selection of art, ensuring that you’re always seeing fresh new artwork.

Do not fear! The Infinite Walls of Art are not gone!

The “Infinite Walls of Art” are still available on the home page by clicking on “Trending”, “Latest” or “Picks”. These modes switch to the infinite scrolling wall and ArtStation will remember what mode and filters you last used so that the next time you come back, it defaults to that mode and filters. So, if you love the Trending Infinite Scrolling Wall of Art, just click that, scroll to your heart’s content and next time you come back, it’ll be there!

We’ve named the mosaic “Community” – the reason being that this page will also include other sections that we are building on ArtStation such as Jobs, Forums, Challenges, etc.

Why the mosaic?

The mosaic concept isn’t a new one. It was made popular by CG Hub. When CG Hub went down, ArtStation became the replacement site and many artists wanted the mosaic back and asked us to implement it.

As ArtStation has grown and more sections are being added, we needed to reclaim space on the home page to show some of these sections. E.g. Jobs, Forums, etc. These new sections will populate the space under the mosaic in time to come.

One of the problems with the Trending wall is that it didn’t update as often as what a mosaic can. The nature of the Trending wall is such that it shows objectively what is recently posted and gaining popularity on ArtStation. The mosaic, on the other hand, gives you a fresh set of artworks every time you hit it, making art discovery that much more instantaneous and fun. So while the trending wall has its place and purpose, we ultimately felt that the mosaic would be better for discovery purposes and giving more artists a fair shot at getting on the home page.

Fully responsive

When we embarked on building the mosaic, we were faced with a major technical hurdle. ArtStation is built as a responsive website which means that it is designed to scale from mobile to desktop. The two previous implementations of the mosaic (CG Hub and CGSociety) both are fixed width. Our mosaic had to work across everything from your iPhone to massive monitors. The result is that on a phone, the ArtStation mosaic will collapse down to a standard mobile view with 3 artworks per row, and on a huge desktop display it looks absolutely glorious and fills the screen.

But I don’t like the mosaic! I liked the infinite scrolling wall!

One big differentiating point about us at ArtStation is that we are heavily involved in the industry and we are constantly talking to artists and take feedback seriously. The mosaic went through months of preparation and we spoke to hundreds of artists about it. We found that there was a clear divide between artists. Mosaic-lovers liked the way that you could get a fresh display of popular artworks and a glance of everything happening in the community. Infinite Scroll lovers liked the way that you could visualize the “ranking” or chronology (“Latest” and “Picks”), and scroll on and on forever. The overwhelming feedback was to have both and give users a choice. Both are equally valid and serve different purposes for browsing and discovering. Because of this feedback, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re defaulting to the mosaic because it serves as a better “community” portal and we now have room on the home page to highlight stuff. We’ve also retained the infinite scrolling walls for browsing artwork.

There you go. This gives you some thoughts about the new mosaic. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Onwards and upwards!

Leonard Teo, CEO
on behalf of The ArtStation Crew

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Leo is the CEO of ArtStation.