See free webinars with Eric Ryan and Jeremy Fenske


Main image: Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire by Jeremy Fenske.

CGMA is hosting two one-hour online sessions in its Interview With The Masters series in coming weekends: one with concept artist Eric Ryan, and one with ZeniMax Online Studios’ Jeremy Fenske.

Ryan’s clients include Sony Pictures, SCEA and Legacy Effects, while Fenske has worked for ZeniMax as a senior concept artist for six years, on projects including Elder Scrolls Online.

The session with Eric Ryan takes place at 1pm PDT on Sunday 19 July; the session with Jeremy Fenske at 1pm PDT on Sunday 26 July. Both are free to attend.

Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Register for the sessions via the links below.

Register for CGMA’s Interview With The Masters with Eric Ryan

Register for CGMA’s Interview With The Masters with Jeremy Fenske

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